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There is no area of legal dispute that is more complex and involves a higher level of emotional stress than those involving the family. At the Lewiston Law Center we pride ourselves in providing our clients with personalized legal services that focus on no-nonsense dispute resolution. We have made it our primary objective to reach a fair conclusion of your family court/matrimonial issues without unnecessarily inflaming the underlying tensions and hostilities which gave rise to the problems in the first place.

Too often, children of the relationship and those close to the family suffer irreparable ‚Äúcollateral damage,” as the parties refuse to stop fighting one another over issues of principal. In these circumstances, the increased hostilities only stand to benefit the attorneys.

We provide our clients with strategic and measured advice which focuses clients on the issues that really matter. In so doing, we have consistently been able to reach collaborative solutions which have ultimately gained more for our clients than they would have achieved otherwise.

At the Lewiston Law Center, we have made it our mission to leave our clients better off than we found them.

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